Taco Soup

Even though this is technically my sixteenth post, I don’t count this one because it is not related to food.

I got this recipe from my good friend Caroline. We work together at Aspen Coffee downtown at 7th and Main. Come see us!

The original recipe calls for black beans, pinto beans, navy beans and ranch style beans, but that was just too much for how many people were going to eat it, so I used black and great northern beans.

This is kind of like chili, but its supposed to be soup so here goes!

Taco Soup

1 can black beans, undrained

1 can great northern beans, undrained

1 can hominy, undrained

1 can stewed tomatoes, undrained

1 can Rotel, undrained (I used the lime cilantro rotel, but you can use whichever you like most!)

1 1/2 lb. ground beef

1/2 onion, chopped

1 package taco seasoning

Shredded cheese for topping

Sliced avocado for topping

Pretzel MMs for snacking while you’re cooking

Saute the onion in a skillet with a little oil. Austin likes making fried onions with turmeric. It adds a nice fried taste, but that’s completely optional.

Add the meat and brown, like regular taco meat.

While the meat is cooking, pour all the canned stuff into a pot and turn on medium low.

Eat the MMs. They are delicious.

When the meat is done, mix it in with the beans and the taco seasoning. Simmer on low for 45 minutes. Clean the kitchen, do some homework, watch the newest episode of Castle (I sure did!). Stir occasionally. The soup, not Castle.

Make a rum and coke. I like Whaler’s Coconut Rum. I made mine particularly strong because it was a rough day – half rum, half Coke. Add a lime wedge. It’s delicious!

When the soup is done, crush up some tortilla chips in the bottom of a bowl. That is totally optional. I think this would also be good with some brown or wild rice, but that’s up to you! Add the soup – don’t let your eyes be bigger than your stomach (mommy moment) because it’s REALLY filling. Top with cheese and avocado slices (also optional).


Guys, this was really fun. I discovered new recipes, and I hope I was able to help you discover new ones too! I plan to continue this blog so keep following if you want! Good luck in all your future endeavors!

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