The End (of the project)

This has been a really great project for me. I have discovered new recipes, learned about time management, and actually (kind of) kept up with a blog. I have never been very good at keeping up with journals, blogs, or anything of the sort. I guess when there is a grade resting on the success of the project, you need to keep entries consistent!

I would say that the most important thing I have learned is time management, both in the kitchen and in real life. There was more than once when I made dinner and took pictures, and then uploaded them three days later. Or even three hours later. However, I managed.

Another thing I learned is that generic brands are really not that bad. They look cheap, because they are, but the quality is not too compromised.

I hope I have been able to at least set you on the path out of the Ramen Noodle and Hot Pocket Forest towards the Fresh Produce and Home Cooked Goodness Plains.

The most important thing to understand in the kitchen is that it’s okay to improvise. If you think something would be better one way, then do it! Add more fruit or veggies. Substitute something for something else. It’s okay!

If I could leave you with one last piece of advice, remember this: When in doubt, set the stove on medium low, and the oven on 300. It’s always safe. =)

One thought on “The End (of the project)

  1. You did an incredible job on these blogs, WAAAY above and beyond what I expected or what others did. I’m glad you learned as much as you did. I hope it benefits in the long run, not just for a grade.

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